Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kids Can Sleep Anywhere

As I said in the previous post--Ty does stay in his room when going to bed. However, this is how we found him a few nights ago.
He stayed in his room. He just fell soundly asleep leaning up against the rocker. I wonder what he was thinking?

The Car Bed is Back

The car bed is back up from the basement and as you can see Ty was very happy about that.
He's done remarkably well in adjusting to a bed instead of a crib. The first night he got out of bed a bit but for the last week he at least stays in his room. Yes, I know that will more than likely change but for now he's doing great.

Dinner and Temple Square

Saturday night we continued to celebrate Lucas' baptism day by going out to eat at the Training Table.
Then we all headed to Temple Square to see the lights.

So much fun to be with family!

Ty would not look at the camera. The best thing was it was not that cold. By the end of the night I wasn't even wearing my hat and gloves. We went home and had hot chocolate and leftovers from the brunch.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baptism Day

On December 4th Lucas was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint. Lucas' baptism day started off with opening a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Jeppsen. It was a triple combination that matches the bible he got for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa Garner. He was VERY happy and loved how his name was 'published' on the front.
We got ready to be at the church just before 9 AM in the morning.
Lucas was SO excited and looked so happy that morning. We had a wonderful experience watching him being baptized. Bryan had to keep reminding himself of the prayer in English because it kept going through his mind in Spanish! Lucas did a great job and Ty loved it when Lucas came out of the water.
Everyone came back and we had a brunch at home. Thanks to everyone who helped.
Ty is unhappy here because I must have done something he didn't like to his food.
And here is a picture just for Grandma Jeppsen of all the Jeppsen grandchildren that were able to be there.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Budding Photographer

A couple of days ago I was on the phone with a friend. I was sitting in the living room because we had been talking for a while. Ty was being very quiet so I went looking for him.
I found him in the kitchen with my camera taking pictures. My first thought, 'I hope he didn't break it.' Then I laughed out loud as I scrolled through the photos. Over 40 pictures of my purse and the house.
Plus this one.
And this one. At least he didn't break my camera!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

8th Birthday

Lucas is 8 years old! He had a great birthday with lots of fun surprises. Toy guns from friends, a movie mug (free refills at Larry Miller theaters here in Utah), clothes, and some new Iron Man toys he bought with birthday money.
What he has wanted more than anything is an Austin Collie Colt's jersey. We told him they were really hard to fine--which they are in his size--and that maybe Santa could find one. However, I managed to track one down about two months ago and have been waiting for his birthday ever since. These pictures really show his reaction.
He was soooo excited and ran around the room giving me, Bryan, and Ty all big hugs.
He is such a remarkable boy and we are so happy to have him in our home. I always want to remember his zeal for sports. He can't watch a game on TV without playing along. We're lucky we have a family room that lets him. He does so well in school, makes friends easily, and tries to be nice to everyone. He loves Ty--he also teases him mercilessly--but that's part of being a big brother right? He loves telling me that I'm addicted to whatever book I'm reading or game I'm playing on my iPod. And this part is silly but I love that he took after Bryan and I can can read incredibly well. We love you Lucas and can't wait until December 4th for your baptism!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Football Maniac

Sunday Lucas had a traumatic experience. We were watching the Colts play--really watching Austin Collie play. He hadn't done much in the game when he caught a great pass and then sustained a helmet to helmet hit. He didn't get up, didn't move. This may sound silly to many of you because we don't know Collie but Bryan, Lucas, and I were scared. We watched him through his whole career at BYU and we watch him whenever we can now that he's in the NFL. We watched as they carefully put him on a stretcher and took him out. Lucas was sobbing and I had a hard time not sobbing with him! Luckily it was a concussion. Not that a concussion is good but it is way better than being in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Before we knew he was okay Lucas said, 'I don't think I better play football.' I told him we'd have to wait and see how he felt when the time came. Fast forward to Monday night. We sit down to watch a show and Lucas can't stop throwing up the football and running around the family room. I have to tell him two or three times to sit down and STOP PLAYING FOOTBALL! Now maybe Lucas will get hit once and decide it's not the sport for him but I don't think so. Sometimes we love something so much we take risks just to do it. I don't think Austin Collie will quit after Sunday and I think Lucas is a football maniac and will love to play the game his whole life--even if it's just in the backyard with his dad and brother.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Batman and Robin

Not much to say...just love this picture of Lucas and Ty. Thanks to Bryan for thinking of Batman and Robin. It was all his idea and it looks adorable! It will be a blast on Halloween night to see them walk around the neighborhood together.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

A couple weeks ago we made it to the mountains to take some family pictures. Overall they turned out great. Our family photo is okay--this is the only one where my eyes were actually open. I'm cursed and Bryan was amazed at my ability to blink every time the flash went off! Bryan is staying busy at work, church, and home. This last year he moved to the communications department and now does multi-media full time for JetBlue. He makes videos, slide shows, and whatever else they need him to do. It was a wonderful blessing when they offered him this job and he loves it. He was also called as the Elder's Quorum President shortly after I was released as the Relief Society President. He is really trying to bring the Elders together and has had some fun activities so far. He hasn't made as many Furious Monkey highlight videos for BYU football this year (we've only won two games) but has spent lots of time throwing the football to Lucas.

I'm staying busy as well. It seems like there is always something to plan! This month is especially crazy and November and December will be just as busy. I do take time for myself every night to read and play games on the iPod before I go to sleep. I'm having a hard time going to sleep until 12 but I really enjoy that time without interruptions and craziness. I love working with the Activity Day girls and I've been in the nursery on Sundays for about six months as well. I love the little children and being with Ty.

Lucas turns eight next month. He will get baptized in December and I'm soooo excited for him. He is in 2nd grade and loves school, most of the time. His favorite things are Ty and football. He is doing great in flag football this year. Last night was the first game he didn't get a touchdown in. Bryan said one father came up to him and told him how good Lucas was. He then asked Bryan if he played football in high school. Bryan didn't. Then he looked at Bryan and said, 'Is he self motivated? Did you push him?' Bryan replied that, 'No, we don't push him. He practices every day to be a wide receiver.' That may be crazy but it's true. Every day Lucas gets his football and if Bryan can't pass to him he practices by himself. Day after day he does this. He may never be a star athlete but if he is it will be because of his persistence and desire to be a good football player. He is also a typical seven year old who hates to clean, loves to whine, and wants to play with friends all the time. Also, he has started piano lessons recently. His response to being told he was starting piano, 'I'm not a musician.' Our response, 'Tough.'
Ty is two years old and very lovable. Right now he is in the pantry eating spaghetti noodles from the package. That is Ty. If he wants something then he gets it. Last week he wanted a drink but I was busy. I came downstairs to find our water pitcher emptied all over the counter as he tried to fill up his cup. If I put him off he does it himself. He is independent and is doing some things much earlier than Lucas. He is more motivated that way because he sees Lucas doing things and he wants to be just like him. He loves to read books and is learning to sing. I wouldn't call him an early talker but he is getting the hang of it and we love to listen to him. Ty is also a typical two year old. He loves Toy Story and Curious George, he loves to scream when he doesn't get his way, and he still enjoys getting into things he shouldn't. Also, he still loves to cook. If I start cooking he is there with a chair to help me. He is lovable, fun, mischievous, and I can't imagine our lives without him.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bryan's Dream Car

Bryan drove this around for three days last week. He was involved in a rewards program with JetBlue, and no his reward wasn't driving the car but he was helping with the recognition program. They called themselves 'The applaud squad.' They drove all over Salt Lake and Utah counties visiting homes of those receiving recognition.
Bryan loves convertibles and driving a Corvette convertible was truly a dream come true for him. After the week, despite his sunburned face, he told me he now wants a convertible more than ever. Hmmm, I better get busy writing that best selling novel I've been putting off for years.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I finished Mockingjay yesterday and yes, I did make it all the way through without reading the end. It was physically hard at times not to read the end and I actually don't know if I enjoyed it better. However, I spent yesterday reading because I knew I would never make it if I didn't read it fast. So did I like it?

***Spoilers*** (Don't read this if you don't want hints about the ending.)
I'm still processing this book. Yes, I loved it. It was a page turner but there were some things at the end that I said, 'Really? After all she does to protect some people they still die?' Although I was very confused at times who she should end up with there was always one boy I wanted her to end up with. So I was happy about the final choice but I felt a little sad about how Katniss got to that decision. I want to say it was contrived but it does fit into the plot and there are hints throughout the book about what will happen. I guess part of my problem was that I had no idea how Collins was going to end it and since I didn't know the ending I haven't had time to prepare for what happens.

Mockingjay is different from the other books. Katniss spends a lot of time as a mentally unstable person and not the strong young girl we saw in the first two books. That was frustrating at times but I think it's true. After going through so much you would break down at times and then be strong when you had to be. Anyway, I'm happy I've read it now and I know how it ends. Bryan said that if I read it without reading the end he would buy me something nice. There is another book coming out next week that I want and so I will go buy it as a reward for my patience.

Additional note: I've had a few days to think about it, and I still liked it because I like the characters, but I do feel there were some flaws in this book. I like the VERY ending because I wanted her with Peeta but how she gets there just didn't feel right to me. Oh well, I didn't write it and so I'll have to live with how the author saw things happening.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday Night Pizza

Friday night is always pizza night at our home: Pizza and a movie. This time Lucas invited his friend to come over. I had to take a picture of their pizzas. Lucas had his standard of pepperoni with no cheese. What surprised me is that his friend put HARDLY any cheese on his pizza. What are they thinking? No cheese on pizza. I think they're both crazy.

This is what a pizza should look like. Pepperoni, sausage, fresh basil (my slice of course), and LOTS of cheese! We took our pizzas, spread out the blanket in the family room and watched Harry Potter. Everyone had a fun night--even the boys with no cheese on their pizzas.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The third and last book to 'The Hunger Games' series comes out on Tuesday of next week. I've posted before about my issues with reading the ends of the books first. I've been thinking about this book in particular and wanting to open it to the last page and read how it ends. The truth is I do enjoy the suspense when I don't know the ending but I usually can't help myself. So--any suggestions? How do I read it and not skip ahead? I could try reading it really fast but next week is a busy one for me and so I don't know if that's even possible. Maybe stay up Tuesday night until it's done? Book club is at my home that night so do you think my friends will be offended if I read while we have book club? If you have any helpful hints let me know--I'm open to suggestions.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Annual GFL

The first weekend in August we headed to Idaho for the GFL draft. This year we were able to spend a couple of days in the mountains at the Clegg cabin (Jennilynn's family). The boys did lots of fun things; the lake, swinging, smores, playing in the sandbox, and going for a walk with Uncle Jeff. Unfortunately, Grandma Garner was not well and the weekend for her was spent mainly in the hospital. She went from the cabin to the ER. She is doing well now and we are all happy that she is. It was scary!
(For more info you can go to her blog at
This is a model forest that the kids all made in the sandbox. It was so cute and they were all so proud of it.
The events of the draft were scaled back because of grandma's hospital stay but we still went swimming and had pizza the day of the draft.
I love the way their shirts turned out. They looked so cute. It's too bad that one wash ruined the iron ons. We used to make shirts all the time for Lucas and that never happened. I don't know why but it looks like we'll have to make shirts next year for the Yodas.
This year was fun because our team has won over 100 games through the years. We received a clock in commemoration. It now sits on my little desk in the living room, I love looking at it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bedtime Songs With Ty

Here is a video of Ty singing some songs and getting ready for bed. If he knows it's time to sing he always calls for Lucas to sing with him. It is fairly long and so I'm sure it is mostly family that will enjoy watching this!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bingham Copper Mine

We've lived in Riverton for six years now and we had never gone to the Bingham Copper Mine--which is only 10 miles from our home. So today Lucas, Ty, and myself went with some friends. It was crazy busy because it's free right now but I'm glad we went early so that we missed the biggest crowds.
If you click on this picture and enlarge it you'll see some trucks driving back up. They look so small from where we were standing.
Here is a closer view of one of the mega trucks.

And here is a tire from one of the mega trucks.
The wind was blowing so hard I was afraid it was going to blow my camera right out of my hand! I did get a little dizzy looking down, it was pretty amazing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I have a desk in the kitchen where I work. My computer is on this desk. There is also a small spot on the wall--just enough room for a calendar. Each year I get a new calendar and the last two years I've had a Twilight and New Moon calendar. Laugh if you must but it is there. And yes, I know this opens me up to all sorts of jokes but if you know me then you know I am secretly (or not so secretly) obsessed. I don't like all the pictures in the New Moon calendar. The above picture is July. Why would I want to look at the human friends all month?
So Lucas has drawn me a replacement. I love it and would much rather look at it! However, next month is Edward and I won't mind looking at that one for 31 days.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

David's Moves

I meant to post this picture in the previous post but had accidentally skipped over it. So here it is. It was so fun to watch David show off his Michael Jackson moves. He really is good.

Lucas informed me that he will dance like that at his wedding. I told him it takes lots of practice. So yesterday he watched Michael Jackson videos on YouTube and started practicing in the kitchen. He has a long way to go but I loved watching him try.

David and Ayla's Wedding

Last Saturday my brother David got married to Ayla in the Boise Idaho Temple. It was a beautiful HOT day!

The reception was so much fun. It took a few minutes for people to get out on the dance floor but once we all went out it was a blast.

David is a great dancer--he did some Micheal Jackson moves for us--here he is teaching Lucas some moves.
Lucas got very into the dancing.

It was great to be with family and enjoy visiting and working together to make the wedding a success. Thanks to Steph for letting us stay in her home. We appreciate your willingness to let us invade your upstairs bedrooms!