Friday, October 28, 2011

Ty Being Funny

The other night Bryan and I were very tired. Lucas and Ty were both being impossible. Lucas would tease Ty and then Ty would scream--loudly. Bedtime couldn't come fast enough. Then when Bryan and I were about to lose it, Bryan said, "I'm going to have to spank some people?" I replied, "Who are you going to spank?" Without missing a beat Ty looks at me and says, "Some people." Leave it to the three year old to diffuse the tension and help us make it to bedtime.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun in Florida

Bryan had a business trip to Orlando at the end of September and so we all decided to go with him! We left Sunday, very early, and arrived that evening. Our main objective was go to Universal and visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
As soon as we got our passes (a special thanks to Melissa's uncle for getting us those passes) we headed straight for Harry Potter land.
Here we are trying butterbeer. DELICIOUS!! I would call it a mix between a rootbeer float and cream soda. Ty wouldn't taste it so he missed out.
It was like stepping into a world that we've seen in movies and read about in books. I loved walking around and just looking at the buildings and shops.
Poor Ty couldn't go on a lot of the rides. They had these little rooms where Bryan or I would wait with Ty and the other one would go on the ride with Lucas. Then we would switch places. I think this is actually the Spiderman ride and they had cartoons running on TV. Ty didn't mind this wait so much.
As we left Harry Potter we made sure to stop and take a picture by the Hogwarts Express. This really was our favorite part of the park. And the inside of the castle was amazing, from moving paintings that really looked like canvas to the entrance to Dumbledore's office.
Bryan and Lucas at the end of the Jurassic Park ride.
Mom and Ty on One Fish Two Fish. Someday it will be fun to go back when Ty is older so that he can do more than four rides!
I was worried Ty wouldn't take a picture with Spiderman. Not only did he take a picture with him but he talked to him as well. Considering he won't ever sit on Santa's lap I thought he did great! I know it helped that it was Spiderman and in his three year old mind I know he believed it was the REAL Spiderman.
Lucas also got pictures with Wolverine and Cyclops. At the end of the day we all picked out some souvenirs. In thinking about what we could get that would remind us of our trip we decided against the traditional t-shirt. Instead Ty got the Sword of Gryffindor (toy sword) and Bryan, Lucas, and myself picked out wands. Lucas: Harry Potter, Lynne: Hermione, Bryan: Dumbledore, also known as the Elder wand, in our home known as 'the big dog.' As soon as I get shelves in the family room I'll find a way to display them. And Ty will get to pick one out when he is older and won't break it.
Day two was spent driving to the ocean and playing. We decided that we're not a fan of toll roads.
I decided not to wear my swimsuit. I don't know what I was thinking! But I still had fun wading in the water with Ty.
The boys loved to play together. Lucas loved to go out and jump the waves. Several times I had to tell him not to go sooo far out because he was making me nervous.
We were so happy we made the effort and spent the day at the beach.
The last morning was spent at the hotel pool which was amazing. Lucas is going down the slide at one end of the pool.
And here are Lucas and Ty at the other end of the pool! I left Wednesday with the boys and Bryan stayed to work a few more days. The boys did great on the way home, and Lucas even had to sit in between two strangers from Long Beach to Salt Lake. He was so nervous and I admit I didn't like it much myself. But when you fly for free that's what you get sometimes! The only downside to our trip was we got caught in a rainstorm at the end of the day at Universal and I had the camera and phone in my front backpack pocket. Unfortunately both got so wet that neither are working. The upside: my camera somehow made it through the next few days. It didn't always work great but at least I got home before it died completely! It was a wonderful little vacation and we really feel lucky that Bryan has a job that provides these fun times for our family.