Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If you're looking for something to read...

The last two books I read were both YA and I thought they were fairly well done. The first is from Shannon Hale and is called 'Dangerous.' It is quite different from her popular 'Goose Girl' and 'The Princess Academy'. It is somewhat of a science fiction book. I liked it because it seemed like an everyday girl meets boy and it was believable. But then technology, aliens, and powers came into play. It was a good light read. The second book was my favorite of the two. Of course that may be because I just finished it last night. It's called 'The Winner's Curse' by Marie Rutkoski. Set on some alternate world where the Empire (not Star Wars) has taken over half the known planet. One country has been conquered and are now in slavery to the Empire. The daughter of a general must choose between marriage and military. But then she buys a slave and all sorts of plots and fun things happen. The biggest bummer is that it came out last month and so the next one in the trilogy is a year away! Both have lead female characters and I have to admit there is nothing new or startling about the plots or characters. Still, I liked them.

Here I Am

Although I don't spend the time on the blog like I used to--I don't even check my friends blogs anymore--I've decided to not give up. I am not great about keeping a journal and so this is really a family history for me. So in photos here is a brief synopsis of whats happened the last 10 months. T-ball, trek, Ty starting Kindergarten, summer fun with family, painting, picnics with the fire pit, winning the GFL, Principal Pride award, Christmas, and more sports. This year is nearly half over so let's hope I do a better job of keeping up! They are in no particular order since I am having issues with Blogger. It is one of the reasons I haven't updated for so long. Every time I try I get so frustrated!