Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Card 2009

Bryan put our Christmas Card into a video this year. Here it is, if you would like to see it:

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today we went to find our Christmas tree and decided to stop at WalMart. They had a Batman cave on sale and I want it for Ty for his birthday. Yes, I know his birthday is in May but I also know I won't find a better price! So anyway, we stop at WalMart and when we walk in we see Santa sitting at the entrance. The line was not long and the pictures were free! I couldn't believe it. We were even prepared to pay $5 because we didn't have a camera. I love the picture. Lucas is sitting and smiling, I'm laughing because Ty is trying really hard not to touch Santa, and Ty has the look on his face that says, 'I'm going to lose it if you make me touch this stranger.' I knew Ty would never sit quietly on Santa's lap and so I just got in the picture with him. Lucas still loves Santa (even though he told me this was not the real Santa because the real Santa is TOO busy right now to be at a store), and he asked for a blue Mongoose bike. After WalMart we found a beautiful Christmas tree and spent the afternoon decorating it. Now the questions is, 'How long before Ty breaks something?'

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Wildlife

So a few weeks ago I posted a couple of pictures of the fox we often see in the field behind our home. A few days later we looked out the window and these deer were back there. I love seeing wild animals running around close to our home. Of course, I don't think I'd like to see a bear or a cougar but the fox and deer are great!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BYU vs Utah

This year we had three military helicopters fly over the stadium. Always fun.
Sometimes it was a fun game. But the fourth quarter was miserable! I kept thinking, "It's Lucas' first time at a BYU, Utah game, please don't lose."
When we won in overtime we all went down on the field. It was a fun afternoon and night. Now if we can just get four seats together! We figure it will take us another four or five years to get four seats all together. It will be a great day when we all go, including Ty, and sit together as a family.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Girls Night Out Twice

LeShel came to visit family and friends at the beginning of November and I was sooo happy that she fit us in. It's been so long since the four of us have been together (LeShel, Me, Cristy, and Adi)! We ate WAY too much at the Olive Garden. (We each got a dessert as well) Then we played some Rock Band at Cristy's home. So much fun being together. I know I can say literally anything around these women and they are never surprised or shocked. Everyone needs to have friends like that!
Then I got together with a group of great women who all like Twilight. We went to dinner (Olive Garden again), saw the movie, then went out for dessert. These cardboard cutouts were at Red Robin and so we gathered around and had someone take our picture. It's not that I really wanted my picture taken with the cardboard cutouts--I just wanted a picture of us all together so I can remember our fun night. It was so great to be with my friends and enjoy a movie. I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful and supportive women in my life!