Friday, August 28, 2009

1st Grade

Lucas started 1st grade yesterday. He was so excited and so nervous. I can always tell when he is nervous because his smile is a little bit different. He got to wear his Bulls t-shirt and use his new backpack and lunch bag.
I waited for him on the front porch. It is so nice that his new bus stop is at the top of our street. I can see him get off and I don't even have to leave the house! That will be especially nice this winter.
After school I surprised him with a giant "1" cookie that stood for 1st grade. He loved it and to may amazement ate almost the whole thing right then! He is such a great kid. He is fun, friendly, and smart!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grandpa Cray

My grandpa Cray passed away on August 17th and Monday was his funeral. Growing up he was a wonderful grandpa and although I miss him I'm grateful he was here on this earth for so long.
It was so nice to see so much extended family. Not just my mom's brothers and sisters but my grandma's brothers and sisters as well. I grew up going to California and visiting all these wonderful people. The above picture is of my grandma Cray and her children.
After the funeral we all went to Aunt Joan's home in Logan (where grandpa was buried) where we could eat, play, and visit with each other.
Lucas even got to swim a little bit. He stayed there with grandma Garner for a while longer after Bryan and I had headed back home. That made his day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BYU Football Again

Last night was the "Cougar Kick Off", or as we affectionately call it, "Meet the Team". We went to the Brick Oven for dinner and then the sale inside the indoor practice facility. We didn't find anything really great but Lucas and I got t-shirts just like the ones the players are wearing in these pictures. The above picture is Lucas with Jan Jorganson. Jan Jorganson served his mission in Boise Idaho and met Scott and Brian. He had dinner several times with Grandma and Grandpa Jeppsen, and I think Ben even went on splits with him.
McKay Jacobsen is back from his mission and looked great at the scrimmage we went to. We were happy to find him. No one else was around him because I don't think people recognise him yet.
Lucas was so excited to find O'Neil Chambers. We were about ready to leave when we spotted him. He was the last player Lucas took a picture with. He also had some of the players sign his football.
Bronco spoke about the team. There was one thing that stood out to me. He said he is getting questions about the offensive line and should we be losing sleep. He said that he was losing sleep about it so we probably should be as well. Then he followed it up by saying, "Somebody will step up." Let's hope so. I've never heard Bronco say he was losing sleep about the team--scary!!
Here is Lucas with a real BYU football helmet on. We could buy one but they are $250.00. So not this year, but maybe next time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BYU Football

Last Saturday we had the chance to go watch a BYU practice/scrimmage. We belong to Cougar Club and the Salt Lake County members were invited to watch from the President's box. None of us had been in there before and it was lots of fun.
Lucas' favorite part was the pop they had for us. He got bored watching them practice but then enjoyed the scrimmage.

The team didn't look too bad but we'll see if they can even hang with Oklahoma in a week and a half.

RSL Game

A week or so ago Scott and Brian came down for a Salt Lake Real soccer game. They took Bryan and Lucas and they all had a great time.
Lucas loves Uncle Scott and Uncle Brian, and now he loves soccer also.
It makes me happy to see them have a good time. Real even won the game, 1 to 0.