Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Batman and Robin

Not much to say...just love this picture of Lucas and Ty. Thanks to Bryan for thinking of Batman and Robin. It was all his idea and it looks adorable! It will be a blast on Halloween night to see them walk around the neighborhood together.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

A couple weeks ago we made it to the mountains to take some family pictures. Overall they turned out great. Our family photo is okay--this is the only one where my eyes were actually open. I'm cursed and Bryan was amazed at my ability to blink every time the flash went off! Bryan is staying busy at work, church, and home. This last year he moved to the communications department and now does multi-media full time for JetBlue. He makes videos, slide shows, and whatever else they need him to do. It was a wonderful blessing when they offered him this job and he loves it. He was also called as the Elder's Quorum President shortly after I was released as the Relief Society President. He is really trying to bring the Elders together and has had some fun activities so far. He hasn't made as many Furious Monkey highlight videos for BYU football this year (we've only won two games) but has spent lots of time throwing the football to Lucas.

I'm staying busy as well. It seems like there is always something to plan! This month is especially crazy and November and December will be just as busy. I do take time for myself every night to read and play games on the iPod before I go to sleep. I'm having a hard time going to sleep until 12 but I really enjoy that time without interruptions and craziness. I love working with the Activity Day girls and I've been in the nursery on Sundays for about six months as well. I love the little children and being with Ty.

Lucas turns eight next month. He will get baptized in December and I'm soooo excited for him. He is in 2nd grade and loves school, most of the time. His favorite things are Ty and football. He is doing great in flag football this year. Last night was the first game he didn't get a touchdown in. Bryan said one father came up to him and told him how good Lucas was. He then asked Bryan if he played football in high school. Bryan didn't. Then he looked at Bryan and said, 'Is he self motivated? Did you push him?' Bryan replied that, 'No, we don't push him. He practices every day to be a wide receiver.' That may be crazy but it's true. Every day Lucas gets his football and if Bryan can't pass to him he practices by himself. Day after day he does this. He may never be a star athlete but if he is it will be because of his persistence and desire to be a good football player. He is also a typical seven year old who hates to clean, loves to whine, and wants to play with friends all the time. Also, he has started piano lessons recently. His response to being told he was starting piano, 'I'm not a musician.' Our response, 'Tough.'
Ty is two years old and very lovable. Right now he is in the pantry eating spaghetti noodles from the package. That is Ty. If he wants something then he gets it. Last week he wanted a drink but I was busy. I came downstairs to find our water pitcher emptied all over the counter as he tried to fill up his cup. If I put him off he does it himself. He is independent and is doing some things much earlier than Lucas. He is more motivated that way because he sees Lucas doing things and he wants to be just like him. He loves to read books and is learning to sing. I wouldn't call him an early talker but he is getting the hang of it and we love to listen to him. Ty is also a typical two year old. He loves Toy Story and Curious George, he loves to scream when he doesn't get his way, and he still enjoys getting into things he shouldn't. Also, he still loves to cook. If I start cooking he is there with a chair to help me. He is lovable, fun, mischievous, and I can't imagine our lives without him.