Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Home from Brazil

The end of June brought home Grandma and Grandpa Jeppsen home from their mission in Brazil where they served as PEF missionaries. We headed up to Idaho to celebrate their return and have a Jeppsen family reunion. We went a few days early and enjoyed the 4th with Grandma and Grandpa Garner.

Scott and Bryan provided the entertainment in the form of some great fireworks!

The Jeppsen reunion was filled with fun. Raft trip down the Payette River where half the raft overturned and it made for some scary minutes. Lucas and Bryan went and thankfully Bryan managed to keep Lucas and our 10 year old nephew in the boat. We also went to Raging Waters Water Park, played games, and had lots of fun being together.

One evening Grandma and Grandpa Jeppsen passed out a few gifts for each of us. The granddaughters each got a beautiful necklace and the grandsons a Brazilian baseball cap. Lucas and Ty love theirs! Bryan and I also received gives and I am touched by the thought they put into these souvenirs from Brazil.

The best part was having them home and hearing their talks in church as they shared their testimonies of the gospel and their experiences from Brazil.

Catch Up

What to do when I am so FAR behind blogging? Well, not as far behind as I know some of my friends are whose blogs haven't changed for a year or more, but still--I haven't done much this summer. So, I will try and do a new blog every couple of days until I'm caught up. This photo of Lucas and Ty was just for fun. Ty is trying so hard to smile and Lucas is still growing into those two front teeth!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

BYU Cougar Kick Off

We got back from Redfish Lake (which I will do a blog post about sometime in the near future) and discovered that we were just in time for BYU's Cougar Kickoff. We love going and seeing the players. This year the players weren't walking around the field like they used to do--but Bryan managed to get a picture of Lucas with Ross Apo who is hopefully going to have a great year as a wide receiver. Behind them is QB Jake Heaps. We could have stood in the long, long line and got autographs but it was hot and the picture is all we really wanted. Lucas had a great time running races, playing volleyball, and throwing a football. Ty did not have as much fun but hopefully will next year. He didn't want to do anything but be carried. This time of year always makes us excited for the games to start!