Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 This post is an acknowledgment that Christmas did come to our home last month. Our 'live' tree wasn't so live by Christmas morning and has convinced us to start looking for a fake one. We've never had a tree die on us the way this one did.
Lucas and Ty got lots of fun toys but LOVE these guns from Santa. We had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas day in which we snacked on food, watched football, and kept track of the score of the GFL championship as our Yoda's took the cup for the second year in a row. I didn't like beating Grandpa Garner but it is fun to be the champs again. Merry (very late) Christmas from the Jeppsens.

Chicken Pot Pie and Other Thoughts on Food

As a teenager my mom made a good effort in teaching me how to cook. I didn't really want to learn and fought her most of the time. I even remember her making me cut up a whole chicken once and I complained so much she never had me do it again. Then I went to college and I cooked a little but Steph was there. I remember inviting boys to dinner and then telling Steph they were coming so that she could make dinner. Obviously I wasn't always the best sister. Bryan and I didn't get married until we were in our late 20's. I made chicken pot pie for him once when we were dating. I REALLY needed my mom's help to do so. After we were married I did make dinner but it was the easy things I knew how to do like spaghetti, tacos, breakfast dinners, and roast. Eventually we moved to Utah and something happened to me. I realized that if I ever wanted chicken pot pie or pineapple rice or homemade cinnamon rolls that I would have to make them myself. Sooo--I learned how to make those things and I learned how to make them so that they taste like my mom's. It is one of the blessings of moving away from my mom that I am giving my family memories and traditions in food. I'm also bringing new recipes into our home as I've learned that I do enjoy trying new dishes. Some I only make once but some are becoming new family favorites.

Sunday I made chicken pot pie. I make two--one for Bryan and Lucas with only chicken and potatoes, and one for me and Ty with carrots and peas (which not only tastes better but looks prettier too). For the first time Lucas ate two pieces and told me it's one of his favorite dinners. I hope that someday he will let me teach him how to cook it so that he can share it with his family.