Monday, January 19, 2009

New Obsession

I've found a new book series to be obsessed about. It is called "Mortal Instruments" and there are two books in it right now. They are "City of Bones" and "City of Ashes". "City of Glass" will be out at the end of March. These are also about the supernatural and I love them. As I told Bryan the other night, "Who knew I would love books about vampires and demon hunters? All there has to be is a love story and I love it."

I do have to warn that there is more swearing in this series and there is a gay character. Still--great fun to veg out and read.

I'm also almost finished with a murder mystery series I've been reading. Not the best written and really rather annoying but it's something to read while I wait for "City of Glass" to come out. I do have to also mention a book called "The Hunger Games". Great book--read it. I love books! And thanks to book club because without you I wouldn't have found so many of these books.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sledding In the Cul-de-Sac

We had so much snow over Christmas and the New Year that this is what ended up in our cul-de-sac. It was made on Christmas day by a plow and added to over the next week. The hill is now smaller then it was but still large enough for Lucas and his friends to go down everyday. It's great. Lucas gets to go sledding and I don't have to go anywhere!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ty's Helmet

Some of you may know that we've been going to a specialist for Ty. His head is a bit flat in the back and one side of his forehead sticks out a little bit. It's not very visible if you don't know--he's a pretty cute baby. Anyway, we decided to go ahead with treatment which means he has to wear this helmet for three months, 23 hours a day. He is doing great so far. He doesn't seem to mind it. The first few days his head produced a lot of sweat but he is acclimated now. We give him a bath every night and wash his head and the helmet. It makes me sad sometimes--it's different when he cuddles with you or gives you a big hug but he is still so cute. We will be happy when the first of April is here and he doesn't have to wear it. Until then this is what he'll look like.


I know I'm late but here are a few Christmas pictures. Lucas had a great Christmas. Santa brought him a Dallas Cowboy uniform. The PS3 in the picture was our family gift this year and Rock Band was actually to me and Bryan from Santa.
Ty had a great Christmas too. He got some great water toys and Santa brought him his first lightsaber!
I really thought that the PS3 was for Bryan and Lucas but I love Rock Band. Here I am playing with Stephanie, Denise, and Lucas. It's so much fun! We had a great Christmas. We couldn't go to Idaho because of the storms that hit Utah and Idaho but we enjoyed being home as a family and spending some time together while we were snowed in.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Still Here

I want to post some Christmas and snow pictures but right now our computer is somewhere being fixed by HP. One of the fans went out and it was still under warranty so it was shipped off last week. I've been working off our laptop and hoping to have the computer back soon. So when it comes back I'll get some Christmas pictures on--even though it will be a month after Christmas!