Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Funny Sayings

Just a few funny things Ty has said lately--and I know it may only be funny to us and grandparents but I had to write them down somewhere!

At dinnertime I often have raw carrots as the vegetable. It's the only way my family will eat them. Ty loves carrots! This is the conversation from a few nights ago.
Me: Lucas, if you want something else then eat some carrots.
Ty: I want some carrots.
He reaches for the bowl, gets it, grabs all the carrots, and puts them on his plate. Then he pushes the bowl back.
Ty: The carrots are allllll gone.
Then he ate every last carrot.

Lately Ty has been sleeping in Lucas' bed. It doesn't always work out for the best but they love sleeping together. Last night I got Ty ready for bed and asked him where he was going to sleep. He started telling us with Lucas and then said this about sleeping with Lucas:
Ty: Lucas is not talking. Lucas won't talk.
Me: Then what does Lucas say?
Ty: Ty, go to bed!
Then of course after they were in bed Ty had to 'tattle' on Lucas by coming to the top of the stairs and telling us again, that, 'Lucas is not talking.' Of course Lucas is trying to go to sleep but Ty just wants to talk and play with him! In the end, Lucas went to sleep and Ty didn't fall asleep until 11:00. Also, Ty will wait up in his room by his door with his pillow and blanket ready, so that when Lucas turns off his light he can go in and climb into bed. I've got to start looking for bunk-beds so that they can share a room for a while! At least until Lucas realizes what it's like to share a room with a three year old.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Park City Night at The Canyon's Resort

Bryan spent much of April up in Park City for JetBlue. We went up for a night just before Easter. We had a great suite with plenty of room, and Ty loved playing with his guys on top of the fireplace.
I do not like being cold. I hate it, so swimming in cold weather doesn't appeal to me much. Of course Lucas REALLY wanted to go swimming in the pool and hot tubs. Bryan couldn't take them--he was busy working. So I put on my swimming suit and headed outside. The pool was heated of course and after getting acclimated a bit I ended up having a really fun time with Lucas and Ty. I think Bryan was in shock that we stayed out for almost two hours!
The boys loved sleeping by the fire and watching TV. (The fire is on here even if you can't see the flames.)
We also had fun at the Olympic museum, eating out at Pizza Hut (one of the only dine-in Pizza Huts we know of in Utah), and sleeping in before heading to Idaho for Easter.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Ty

Ty turned three years old on Saturday! He started off his day with one of his favorite sugar cereals.
Then we headed off to Trafalga for a little fun. We played miniature golf, drove the go-karts, and the boys rode a few small rides. Lucas was the only one to go in the splash boats--the rest of us didn't want to get wet.
We came home to have cake and ice cream. Ty did a great job this year blowing out his candles. After opening presents we ended our night with dinner at a local pizza place.
All day he tried very hard to smile! He is such a fun little boy and we love him in our family. Here are a few little facts about Ty. He loves to talk to his grandparents every week on Sunday. I don't think they understand half of what he says but he is a blast to listen to. When we watch Chuck on TV he and Lucas get up and dance to the theme song. We have a child lock on his bedroom door to keep him in at night and his closet door has a lock on it so while we keep him in he doesn't empty every toy he owns. We open his door after he is asleep and lately he has decided that mom's bed it WAY better than his own. He comes in and sleeps with us and usually I go put him back in his bed--eventually. The problem is I know he will only be three for a year and it will be soon enough that he will be too big to climb into bed with me and Bryan. So for now, I allow it. He loves Lucas and although they fight plenty, Ty tries to do EVERYTHING his big brother does. We all love Ty!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day started off great with breakfast in bed! Then we relaxed until church and Bryan gave me a corsage. It was so pretty and it smelled wonderful. This picture was taken after church. We'd been home for no more than 5 minutes and Lucas was already out of his Sunday clothes. Ty was tired and refused to be happy. But it was a great day for me and I hope for all women. I know I'm extremely lucky to have such a wonderful mother and a wonderful mother-in-law!

New Towels

For Easter I made the boys a couple of BYU towels. I was actually going to do this for Lucas at Christmas but put it off when I decided to do one for each of them. Then I procrastinated until the night before we left for a Park City one nighter and Idaho. I got the towels made but it was Grandma Garner that got the 'Y' sewn on each towel.

It is huge on Ty but he loves it. Lucas' is white with a blue 'Y' and fits him perfectly. I also feel very lucky because I didn't pre-wash the towels or the material and nothing bled through on the first wash! I really should learn not to procrastinate so badly.