Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

When we bought our home the front yard was landscaped for us and whoever did it must not have known much about trees. We've been told several times that the pine tree in our front yard will grow to be too big and it could hurt the foundation. So we decided to let it grow and then use if for a Christmas tree. This year Bryan decided to cut it down.
It has made a beautiful tree--it may be my favorite ever (the picture doesn't really do it justice). The best part is that we saved at least $50! You can't beat a free tree. We've even thought of planting a bunch in the backyard so we could cut one down every year. I don't think that would work though, what would we do with all the stumps?
This is us by the tree watching the Hogwarts Express go around. Uncle Brian gave it to us last year and we love it. If Ty is unhappy I take him in, sit him down, and turn on the train. We've spent more time in by the tree this year then ever before. I love the train and I also love looking at all the ornaments we have. Each one has a memory or is special in it's own way.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Honest Scrap

So I've been tagged by this one twice! I usually don't get around to doing tags but I'll do this one since two of you tagged me. I have to list 10 honest things about myself.

1. I stress out about everything. Sometimes at night I start to stress about things in general and I feel stress coming out of me, my body feels like a live wire.
2. I can't live without my PDA. It allows me to write down things I have to do which then helps me to not stress so much. Also, some nights I need it to go to sleep. I play "bubbles" and it helps my mind to shut down, kind of like counting sheep.
3. I love chocolate so much!!
4. I love my family even more then chocolate.
5. I miss my friends from all periods of my life, childhood, BYU, mission, student ward, Meridian, Riverton. I think about all of you and wish I could live near all of you at once. I can't wait till we're all dead and in heaven so that we can truly be friends forever.
6. I hate death. It scares me, terrifies me. It shouldn't. But it still does. What I fear the most is that I'll die before my children are grown. I don't want anyone else to raise them.
7. I love books. I love reading and escaping to different places. I've been so obsessed with Twilight that it's embarrassing. I mean really obsessed! Okay, I wouldn't get a tattoo or anything but if you come to my home after Christmas you may just see a Twilight calendar hanging on my wall. Like I said, embarrassing, but true.
8. I love movies. Especially really long period dramas. I love lending out these movies to my friends and getting them hooked on them too. Bryan believes I keep Masterpiece Theater in business.
9. Every time I pick up Ty I'm in awe at what I've been given. I love watching Lucas and Ty sleep. They are so peaceful.
10. I know I'm a good person but sometimes I'm really not. Sometimes I just want to be selfish and sit around all day doing nothing but reading, watching a show I like, and eating chocolate.

Now you all know way too much about me. I'm supposed to tag 10 friends but I don't think I will. If you feel like being tagged then you're tagged!