Thursday, November 18, 2010

8th Birthday

Lucas is 8 years old! He had a great birthday with lots of fun surprises. Toy guns from friends, a movie mug (free refills at Larry Miller theaters here in Utah), clothes, and some new Iron Man toys he bought with birthday money.
What he has wanted more than anything is an Austin Collie Colt's jersey. We told him they were really hard to fine--which they are in his size--and that maybe Santa could find one. However, I managed to track one down about two months ago and have been waiting for his birthday ever since. These pictures really show his reaction.
He was soooo excited and ran around the room giving me, Bryan, and Ty all big hugs.
He is such a remarkable boy and we are so happy to have him in our home. I always want to remember his zeal for sports. He can't watch a game on TV without playing along. We're lucky we have a family room that lets him. He does so well in school, makes friends easily, and tries to be nice to everyone. He loves Ty--he also teases him mercilessly--but that's part of being a big brother right? He loves telling me that I'm addicted to whatever book I'm reading or game I'm playing on my iPod. And this part is silly but I love that he took after Bryan and I can can read incredibly well. We love you Lucas and can't wait until December 4th for your baptism!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Football Maniac

Sunday Lucas had a traumatic experience. We were watching the Colts play--really watching Austin Collie play. He hadn't done much in the game when he caught a great pass and then sustained a helmet to helmet hit. He didn't get up, didn't move. This may sound silly to many of you because we don't know Collie but Bryan, Lucas, and I were scared. We watched him through his whole career at BYU and we watch him whenever we can now that he's in the NFL. We watched as they carefully put him on a stretcher and took him out. Lucas was sobbing and I had a hard time not sobbing with him! Luckily it was a concussion. Not that a concussion is good but it is way better than being in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Before we knew he was okay Lucas said, 'I don't think I better play football.' I told him we'd have to wait and see how he felt when the time came. Fast forward to Monday night. We sit down to watch a show and Lucas can't stop throwing up the football and running around the family room. I have to tell him two or three times to sit down and STOP PLAYING FOOTBALL! Now maybe Lucas will get hit once and decide it's not the sport for him but I don't think so. Sometimes we love something so much we take risks just to do it. I don't think Austin Collie will quit after Sunday and I think Lucas is a football maniac and will love to play the game his whole life--even if it's just in the backyard with his dad and brother.