Thursday, April 19, 2012


 We dyed eggs on Friday morning while Steph and Grandma were here. I know the boys loved it since they don't get to do eggs with Grandma every year.
 The boys had lots of fun and I love using the colorful eggs for the next couple of weeks. We boil a few but most we just dye raw. Then there are lots of eggs to dye but not too many we have to eat quickly.
 After we dyed eggs I went with Steph and mom to the Bountiful Temple for a family sealing of one of my mom's cousins. It was SO great to see my extended family and it reminded me of the love I have for all of them. Most of them live in California and I haven't been back for a long time. It was so wonderful to see and visit with them. It was also the first time I've been to a sealing with a family with kids. I just remember seeing their three boys come in and feeling so happy to have the gospel. I'm lucky I was able to go!
Easter morning was a lot of fun. I should say our Saturday Easter morning because that is when the Easter Bunny comes to our home. The bunny wasn't going to leave anything but candy this year but at the last minute found a great deal on a couple of Darth Maul lightsabers! They have been dueling with them ever since. Easter Sunday was relaxing and peaceful, plus Bryan was released as the Elder's Quorum President! It has been an adjustment for him but overall he is feeling great and that he did what he needed to do in the calling.

Build a Bear

 For Ty's fourth birthday Grandma Garner and Aunt Stephanie took Ty to Build-a-Bear to pick out a stuffed animal. His birthday isn't until May but we went a little early since they were down here a couple of weeks ago. We gave him four different choices and he picked a cute puppy.
 It was so fun watching him as the lady filled his puppy full of stuffing...
and as he kissed the heart to put in the puppy.
Thanks to Steph and Grandma for such a wonderful experience! I know he loved it, and so did I.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

40th Birthday

 Last year sometime I mentioned to a friend of mine how it would be fun to be surprised on my 40th birthday. I'm sure I mentioned this in passing but she remembered. I knew they were planning something but Bryan fooled me by telling me it was on Saturday--just something small. So Thursday I go to pick him up at McDonald's due to an immense lie about being out for JetBlue with another person and her car breaking down. I get him and he drives over to Olive Garden, while I'm telling him he's going the wrong way, and says, 'You've got dinner in there. Have fun!' I was shocked!! I can't even tell you how many things Bryan misled me on last week. I've discovered that he is a great liar! Luckily for me he doesn't have to do it very often.

 I went in and discovered a lot of my friends and my mom and Stephanie had come from Idaho! It was such a fun night and I am so grateful for those who made the effort to come. It really did make me feel loved (even though they all looked great and I didn't necessarily since I didn't know I'd be in a restaurant that night). After dinner we went over to a friends home and watched a video Bryan made of my life. It was a great way to end the night.
 Then Saturday we went to the Brick Oven--located in South Jordan for dinner. We love the fact there is now a Brick Oven only 15 minutes from our home. Before dinner we went and saw Mirror Mirror with the boys.

Sunday we ended my four day celebration with chocolate pie and presents from Bryan and the boys. My big gifts were two rocking chairs for the front porch. Now I can read and watch Ty ride his bike in comfort.

I had a wonderful birthday filled with family and friends. The past couple of years I've dreaded turning 40 but last week I realized it really is not a big deal. I'm happy and blessed and having a wonderful life.