Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue and White Fun

Every year we try and go down to Provo for the Blue and White game. This year Lucas was old enough to go to the clinic before. Bryan was such a good sport and took him to all the different areas where he was able to interact with the different players. It is so fun to brainwash Lucas into being a BYU fan and I think we're doing our job pretty well. It did make me a little sad as I realized I probably wouldn't be able to go to very many games this year. There will be other years though and we are already planning ahead and buying four season tickets. That way by the time the baby is ready to go we should have four seats together. I love it that Bryan is a football fan too. It makes for fun family time. Of course by the time the game started Lucas was tired and I ended up in the car with him!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time Flying By

Thing are going well for us. Lucas is having fun playing baseball and he looks so cute in his uniform.

Bryan is busy at work and has THREE trips coming up before the baby is born. Three trips in five weeks. On Thursday Bryan got his early birthday/Father's Day gift: a new camera. He's been waiting for a long time to get this camera and we are all happy for him.

I'm getting ready for the baby. All his clothes are now in his new dresser, Bryan has painted the baby's room, and I got a new reclining chair for my birthday. I'm still in shock this is happening and sometimes don't believe it (until he kicks me in the ribs).

Bryan takes a picture of me after every doctor's appointment, and he put them all together in a video slide show so you can see how I am growing as the baby gets closer to arriving: