Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just Call Me Molly

 Growing up I often fought learning any type of homemaking skill. Just ask my mom who did try at times to teach me. A few years ago I did get a sewing machine. I don't use it often but have attempted a few projects. I remember buying it and thinking of a companion on my mission. She once told me she could see me making dresses for my little girls. I think I laughed in her face. Even if I'd had girls I'm not so sure I would have made them dresses, but I did make a lovely BYU flag that hangs on our home on game day. This year I made a commitment to learn how to can. So I've done salsa, tomatoes, and some strawberry peach jam.
I don't exactly know why my attitude has changed. In thinking about it I don't think I was ever really opposed to doing these things. I just think other things have been more important to me at the time. At least this year I've learned to can and I hope I'll continue to learn new skills and make new goals. Thanks to my mom for the Christmas canner, Angie for helping me with salsa, and Madre for Grandma Foote's jam recipe. Bryan is especially happy about the jam and that makes me happy!

P is for Preschool

A week after Lucas started school Ty started preschool. He loves going three days a week. He has come a long way considering how much he used to hate leaving me. I'm grateful that he still misses me when he is gone or when I am away but that he is also able to go places without me and not have a melt down! He is a loving and bright child, and so much fun to be around.