Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Doing Nothing

No, I'm not really busy doing nothing. But do you ever feel that you are busy all day and yet you've accomplished a minimal amount of things? That is how I have felt this week. I'm busy doing things but I tend to go from one thing to another and somehow I don't get as much done as I want. That's my excuse for not posting for so long. I did have a wonderful birthday, we did go to Idaho and I have pictures from Easter there, and the Easter Bunny did drop off a big box for the boys. Bryan did spend 4 hours putting together the basketball hoop that was in the big box, and I have more pictures of Lucas and Ty with their basketballs in front of the hoop. Hopefully within the next few days I'll get the pictures downloaded so I can share them. It can be one of my distractions as I run around the house trying to mark things off my to-do list. Maybe that's my reason for not posting. It's not on my to-do list. Rectified: I've added 'Blog' to the list of things I need to do.