Friday, February 18, 2011

Cub Scout Cake Auction

We had a cake auction to help the boys earn money for Cub camp this summer. The BYU helmet was Bryan's idea and he did a great job! I helped but Bryan came up with all the ideas on how to make it look like a helmet.
I need to remember to make one of these for Lucas birthday in November. He loved it!

We've Been Jimmered

Last Saturday we all went to the BYU basketball game against Utah. We had to see Jimmer play one more time before he went off to the NBA. Steph, Denise, Grandpa Garner, Scott, David, and Ayla all came from Idaho to go as well. (Off topic--I love being able to fit more than five people into our car!)
Jimmer would simply touch the ball and we would all scream.
Here are some of us.
And here is Ty overwhelmed by the noise. When the game started he clapped through the fight song and sang the end. But by the end of the first half he had a vacant look in his eyes and did not want to leave my lap. He's always had issues with large crowds--but we won't give up. We'll try again next year. It was a great night and we had lots of fun watching Jimmer and the cougs play some basketball.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When Lying is Approved

A few weeks ago Bryan did a video side job and made a little extra money. A week or two later I asked him where the money was. He really needs a computer just for him and his editing work and when he does extra jobs I try and save a bit of it for him so he can someday get a dream machine. He told me he didn't have the money yet. He was waiting on approval from the person he did the video for. I remember thinking it was strange because I was sure he'd told me he'd already been paid, but I didn't think much of it.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day. Every year Lucas draws a map and Bryan and the boys hide a few things in the house and I go on a treasure hunt. (By the way this started before kids when Bryan surprised me with a Valentine's Day hunt after work. Very romantic.) This year, because of the new Pilot, our discretionary money has been greatly reduced. Sooo, for Valentine's Day I was expecting a treasure hunt with lots of chocolate and maybe one small gift. I go on the hunt and find some chocolate from Ty and some chocolate from Lucas. The last surprise was in the oven, I reached in, pulled out a bag and said, 'Nordstoms? WHAT did you get me?' Inside was a bottle of my favorite perfume which I have been out of for some time. Channel No. 5. He knew it was on my list and that I would never actually buy it for myself. So thoughtful and nice, especially when it means he will have to wait even longer for his big, bad, editing computer.

I will approve Bryan lying to me whenever he does something that sweet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rockin Out

Okay, this is mostly for grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts, but if you like watching a two year old rock out then this is for you!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Causing Trouble

Ty bites his nails, ALL THE TIME. Then he comes to me and tells me to 'Fix his nails.' He wants me to clip them but it's pretty impossible because he has no nails to clip because of the biting.

Last week I was upstairs in the bathroom when I heard what I thought was a large crash followed by seriously loud music. That was followed by screams. Turns out it wasn't a crash but Ty got a chair, turned up the stereo, and then turned on the radio. I ran through the house, pulling up my pants, and found Ty in the kitchen still screaming and now crying also. I ran past him even though he wanted to be picked up, turned off the stereo, and then went back to hold Ty. He then told me, 'That scared me.'

Then a few days ago the whole family was in the kitchen. We all heard a bang, bang, bang, but no one was paying attention until Bryan yelled, 'Stop!'. Ty had a little car and was hitting our banister! Our poor banister is now all chipped up and sad looking. I guess I should be grateful it wasn't something worse!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I confess...I'm addicted to YA supernatural romance books. And maybe this shouldn't be a confession because anyone who knows me already knows this. But I have to have some explanation for the way I've spent the last week--spending every free minute reading a story about two princes from India who over 300 years ago were turned into Tigers. A white one and a black one to be exact. Laughable I know. Plus, the books themselves were poorly written and poorly edited and I found SO many character flaws in the heroine. But, I still loved them.

So why do I love these kinds of books besides the obvious answer of romance? I've thought about that a lot the last few days and the only answer I have is that it is escapism. I have a great life--great husband--great kids--great everything (most of the time). Still, when I pick up a story I like I don't have to think about the Valentine's party I should be planning, the Scout shirt I should be sewing numbers onto, or the fact that I should be calling someone to help with the nursery on Sunday. I don't have to be me. Before I was married I created my own stories of adventure and falling in love--and I was always the main character. I still daydream but obviously not in the same way. So these books do it for me because I can't be the heroine anymore falling in love with an English man.

For those few of you who will tell me I should start writing my own story--I'm getting close. I have the main characters, just need to flesh out a plot that has something more to it than hand holding, eye gazing, long kisses, and obstacles to true love.

For the even fewer of you who will want to read my latest obsession they are 'Tiger's Curse' and 'Tiger's Quest'. The first was just re-released last month and the second will be re-released in June. The author had self-published and has now been picked up by a publisher which explains some of the poor editing. The third will be out in November.

Currently I'm not reading anything because I'm still hung up on the Tiger books. If anyone has a good suggestion of an escapism book then let me know. And I don't only read YA romance books so any suggestions would be appreciated. Now I'm off to the real world so I better think of something for dinner!