Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy 37th

Happy birthday to Bryan! We had a little party for him last night. He got an ice cream maker from Grandma and Grandpa Jeppsen, a reading light from Lucas (because Lucas broke Bryan's last one), and a camera from me. The camera is really a combined birthday/Father's Day present that he has had for a month now. He is loving it and taking lots of fun pictures. He may also be getting a flash for the camera. He has sold his old golf walking cart and is saving up Secret Shopper money so that he can get it soon. I'm so happy he's been able to finally have the camera he's always wanted. If you notice, Lucas is really sad in this picture. It is because he started opening Bryan's presents and Bryan told him to stop. Lucas was holding his gift to Bryan, said, "Here's your gift from me, " and then started opening it! Bryan explained that you only get to open gifts if it's your birthday. So Lucas started crying and this is him trying to be happy for the picture. He is so funny sometimes. Last night he was crying over everything. I think he is still adjusting to having Ty around and although he is doing great he sometimes gets very sensitive to what we say and do. We still managed to have a fun time and I think Lucas did too. For dessert we had peach pie and ice cream. Happy birthday Bryan. We love you!!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Ty is doing great. He is a good baby and we are enjoying having him in our home. He is even letting me have six or more hours of sleep a night! We have always called Lucas Bud or our Buddy and we have been trying to think of a nickname for this baby so that Lucas is still our Buddy. Lucas has given us a few looks when he has heard Bryan or me call Ty Bud. At first we told Lucas that we had a big Buddy and a little Buddy but then thought that it would be better for Ty to have his own nickname. There were lots of suggestions and at first I didn't like Tiger but then I realized how cute it was because spelled T-Y-G-E-R it became a play on his name. So we love our Bud and we love our Tyger.

Lucas Graduates from Preschool

Last week Lucas graduated from pre-school. It was so cute how they had all the kids in caps and gowns. They all had a part to recite and Lucas did great on his. He remembered it all. It was amazing how most the children knew their parts. I think there were only two or three that needed any help from the teachers.

Lucas is sooo excited because now he knows that kindergarten is only a little ways away. I don't know what he is more excited about though, going to kindergarten or getting new shoes because he is going to kindergarten! We are proud of him and love him.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mom and Ty are home

Mom and Ty are finally home! Checkout from the hospital was easy, and when we got home we found lots of blue balloons and a beautiful sign.

Kellie and Julie had snuck over while we were gone and they decorated the house to welcome us home.

Ty rode home quietly, and Mom really loves his "bring-the-baby-home" outfit. We are so happy to be home, and thanks to all you who helped us through this experience.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The name and the hair

Lynne and I have finally decided on this boy's name: Ty Garner Jeppsen. We thought he would be a Samuel, but it just didn't fit this boy. Lucas met him this morning, and loves to sit and talk to him. As you can see, he has plenty of hair, maybe not as much and not as light-colored as Lucas', but he is a good-looking baby, for sure.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here he is!!! New Baby (we still haven't settled on a name) was born at 6:45pm, weighing 7lbs3oz and standing 20 inches tall. Mom did very well, and we really enjoyed the AltaView hospital staff. Lynne only had to push for 20 minutes, and he came right out. We can't wait to introduce him to Lucas tomorrow morning.

Baby on the way!

Lynne is plugged in at the AltaView Hospital in Sandy, Utah, and the pitocion drip is getting the process going. We really like our nurse Julie, and the baby boy inside is doing very well right now. As you can see, Lynne started out feeling good, and now as the contractions she is feeling them stronger and getting a little more grumpy since all she can eat is ice chips. Thanks to Kellie for taking care of Lucas for the next couple of days while we have the new baby. Hopefully he will come out in the next few hours, and as soon as he is out, I'll put some pictures up for you all to see if he has as much hair as Lucas did.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hope It's Soon

My due date is May 21st but I'm hoping it's within the next week. Monday I went to the doctor and I am starting to dilate!! Since then I've been feeling like I could start labor anytime. Of course I know that I could feel like this for several weeks but I'm hoping it won't take that long. I've measured small the whole time so my doctor would like me to deliver soon as well. I'm excited and scared and still can't believe this is happening. I just hope everything goes smoothly and that I can deal with all the changes!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Two Trips in Two Weeks

Bryan has been traveling across the country the last few weeks. His first trip was to Orlando Florida where he got to have a behind the scenes tour of Walt Disney World. He had fun going below the park and seeing the different places where tourists don't go. There are no pictures of these places because they are not allowed.

His favorite part of this trip wasn't Disney. He was able to get into one of Jetblue's flight simulators! This has been a dream of his since he started working for Jetblue. It's not easy to get the time to use one. They are rented out for $900.00 an hour and pilots are being trained constantly so time is limited. However, Sue (one of the manager's at JetBlue) knew someone in Orlando and managed to get Bryan, herself, and Michelle (Bryan's manager) some time in the simulator.

Bryan said there was a trainer there who is a pilot and helped him fly. You pick a city and can take off and fly around the city. Bryan flew in San Francisco and was able to make it under the Golden Gate Bridge. The trainer was impressed and made the comment that Bryan must play video games! Then the trainer told Bryan that only 20 percent of pilots land the plane without crashing on their first attempt. So guess what?? That's right, Bryan landed the plane without crashing. He had so much fun and said it felt so real. This picture of Bryan is great but you can't tell that outside the windows it looks like the runway or city that you are in. He had a great time.

His second trip was San Francisco and he returned home last night. He had a good time but is happy to be home, especially because he is sick with a cold and needs to rest. He was supposed to have one more trip next week to Austin Texas but is now not going. I'm happy he is done for now and will be home for a few months before his next conference.