Friday, June 26, 2009

Chicago Trip

We are back from Chicago/New York! I am happy to be back but so happy I was able to go. Chicago is a city I've always wanted to go to. Bryan spoke at a conference there and Grandma Garner was able to come watch Lucas and Ty for us. I was so nervous about leaving Ty but he did great, all my panic attacks late at night were for nothing. Maybe I just like to have something to worry about? Anyway, Chicago is a beautiful city. I knew it was famous for it's architecture but I just didn't realize how many beautiful buildings there were.
On day one we woke up, switched hotels (JetBlue paid for the first one, then we transferred to the conference hotel which was the Marriott in downtown Chicago). Then Bryan walked me to the car rental and I rented a car to go see LeShel. I drove out of Chicago all by myself, with the help of a GPS, only took one wrong turn (yes, I did even with the GPS), and made it to LeShel's home in Kenosha Wisconsin. It was so great to see her and her new baby. As I drove away I got very sad. I realized how much I miss her and it's not fair that I don't get to watch her new baby grow up. It was so nice to visit and catch up, it was like she had only moved the day before, and not eight months ago.
I got back to Chicago, returned the rental car without a scratch, and went back to the hotel to meet Bryan. We searched the city for a Bulls shirt for Lucas (hard to find in the off season) and finally found one right by our hotel. We got Ty a Cubs t-shirt, Bryan a Cubs hat, and I got a charm for my bracelet. That night we went to Pizzeria Uno, the original Chicago deep dish, and had pizza. It was good, different, but good.
Day two in Chicago I went and listened to Bryan's presentation because I've never had the chance to before. He does a great job. He is a great speaker, which is why they keep asking him to speak! Afterward we did some more walking and shopping. I went into the American Girl store and wished they'd been around when I was a little girl. We did lots of shopping and lots of walking so we were tired by the afternoon. Humidity is really something. It was just like Toronto.
That night we went on a boat ride down the river and then up to Lake Michigan. It was a great way to see the city. We loved going through the lock to get to the lake. It was interesting to hear the story of the river and why they have a lock in the first place. It's too long to go into here but it was fun to learn the history.
We had so much fun being together and knowing the boys were doing great with grandma. I loved Chicago. It is a fun city to visit. The next morning we got up early, 3 for me because I couldn't sleep, 4 for Bryan. We headed to New York. I didn't feel so well from the lack of sleep and the fact that the flight home was going to be close. There were only three seats open with over 20 standbys. AHHHHH! Flying in June as a standby is not the smartest thing to do. But it's free! Luckily I had a super pass which means I would be first or second on the list. I was sick all day because of the stress but we went into the city to have some fun.
It was so funny because New York has closed some of the streets around Time Square. They put out lawn chairs and people just sit and relax. It looks a little odd but not a bad idea. As we were walking we saw Hoda Kotb from NBC. She must have just finished working and was heading out. Also, back in Chicago we saw Devon Hester (Plays football for the Chicago Bears) making a commercial at The Sports Authority. Anyway, we ate lunch, and figured out where the subway was for when we were done with our show.
Then the highlight of our trip!!!! Wicked!!!! Although we were stressed about me getting home--it was great. I want to see it again. Bryan has informed me that he just might do that when he goes to New York for business. It was so much fun. Thank you Bryan for suggesting the early flight to New York so that we could have that experience. I can finally say I've seen a show on Broadway. It's about time considering I'm married to a man who works for JetBlue. Amazingly it was cheaper for us to see it in New York than it would have been if we'd gone when it was here in Salt Lake. Of course that's because we fly for free and didn't have to pay for a hotel. Obviously, I got on the flight home that night, I even got to sit by Bryan which is pretty amazing considering the flight was full. Thank you to Grandma Garner for taking such good care of Lucas and Ty. We had so much fun and are so grateful we get the chance to go away together every few years. I can't wait until the boys are old enough to go to some of these cities with us!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ty is one

Ty's first birthday kind of snuck up on me last month. I can't believe he's one! We had a small party with some family. He got a few presents that he has enjoyed playing with. He has been walking since 11 months and is working on the stairs. He is able to up and down them but sometimes decides he's tired of going down backwards. So he turns around and tries to go down them like one of us. It's scary but he is learning and hopefully by the end of the summer I won't have to worry quite so much. He loves following Lucas around and get's upset when someone leaves the house without him. He loves playing outside, playing in the toilet, throwing whatever he finds into my tub, and getting into the cupboards with all the poisonous things. He is so fun and we love him.
His birthday made me think of the last two years and how LUCKY I feel to have him in our home. I really do consider both our children miracles. I am so grateful for him and for the way he smiles!