Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

"And as for myths, some are made up, nothing but fantasy. But some myths are true. Some have already been lived. And in the drift of time, eternal and entire, some haven't...Some myths are prophecy."
Several years ago I heard of a book called, 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone.' It got great reviews and so I checked it out from the library. Usually, I page through an unknown book to see if I'll like it. Kind of like how I read the end of a book first. It doesn't ruin it for me but instead I get excited to read it. Well, with this book I paged through and decided it wasn't for me. I'm sure I had a pile of books to get through and it just seemed weird. I took it back without reading even the first page. Fast forward a year or two and I just kept hearing great things about this series and so I finally read not only 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' but 'Days of Blood and Starlight.' Well written, creative, fantasy, desperate, heart wrenching and breaking, loving, sacrifice, forgiving and revenge, and on and on the word list goes to describe this series. And that was before the final book of 'Dreams of Gods and Monsters'. The last book is over 600 pages long and yet I enjoyed EVERY page of it. When you think it's over and still have 150 pages to go you think you'd get bored but Laini Taylor just keeps bringing in more twists to the story. The last book follows Akiva (the angel) and Karou (the human who was once Chimera) and their struggles to regain their world while saving Earth. Don't let that description scare you away. Go on their journey with them. I did and I'm having that feeling of it not wanting to end. I don't want to start another book because I want to live with these characters in my head for just a little while longer. "It was not a happy ending, but a happy middle--at last, after so many fraught beginnings." And now--I better get back to real life.

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