Friday, August 31, 2012

Home Opener

 We all headed to Provo Thursday night for BYU vs. Washington State. It didn't start until 8:15 and so it was a late one.
Ty made it to the half and then Bryan and I took him home. Lucas stayed with Grandpa Garner for the rest of the game. It's always fun to win the first game of the season!

Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing

Lucas started fourth grade on Tuesday. I wish I could say he was happy to start school but he actually complained a lot on Monday. The most exciting thing for him was wearing the Bulls jersey he bought with the money he earned mowing the lawn.

Our traditional back-to-school cookie. If you can't tell it's a four. Next Thursday I'll be making a P for Ty as he starts pre-school. Ty cries everyday because he WANTS to start school.

Zoo Day

 Before school started we went to the zoo with some friends of ours. The best part by far was the polar bear. Ty is in the bottom of the picture looking up at the bear. The bear would swim down in the water and then pop up by all the kids. Adorable.
Love this picture of all the kids together on the ape!

Extended Idaho Stay

 We stayed in Idaho after the draft so Lucas could go to cousin camp at Grandma Jeppsen's. I don't have any pictures from the actual camp but Lucas had so much fun and Grandma and Kellie did so much work.
 It was for cousins six years and older so Ty and I were with Grandma Garner most of the week. Ty did get a chance before camp started to have some fun with the cousins his age.
I was nervous about being in Idaho for so long. I love my family but I also really like my home. Everything turned out great though and I didn't miss home nearly as much as I thought I would.

GFL Draft

 The Garner Football League draft was next on our list of summer activities. Bryan and Lucas golfed in the golf tournament Saturday morning.
 Unlike most years, there was no pool to swim in. So there was volleyball and water games.
 We are back to back champions!! It is so hard to win just once that we feel incredibly lucky to be the champs again. Go Yodas!

Swimming Lessons

 During the summer there are always swimming lessons to go to. This was Lucas' last year. I don't think he even needed them! Next year I may sign him up for diving!
 I found a place in West Jordon for the lessons and they had this great slide.  He still needed a bit of help at the end but loved it!
I was a little worried about how Ty would do because he sometimes doesn't like new things. I didn't need to worry. He had no problem putting his head under water.

Jeppsen Fun

 At the end of July Ben and Heather were in Utah for a family reunion for Heather's family. Since they were here from Louisville the Jeppsen family decided to meet for a day of fun.
 I only have pictures of us in the cars but we played lost of other fun games as well.
Then we went back to Rob and Jenn's home for fireworks since it was the 28th of July, Pioneer Day, and here in Utah it's a state holiday.

NFL-Never Forget the Lord

Our theme for girls camp was NFL-Never Forget the Lord. Our camp director and her assistant were amazing! They did so much work before and during camp. I love serving the young women in our stake (I'm the Stake YW secretary) and this is definitely one of the favorite things I've ever done in the church. Camp was so much fun. As a stake we had our own set of living quarters and in being with this group of women I laughed so much my sides ached. I love the women I work with! I have felt somewhat unqualified because I have not been in YW for over 20 years but I'm so grateful to learn from such amazing examples!

4th of July

 We've missed the Riverton parade the last few years so Ty didn't really know what to expect. Once we got there and he saw they threw candy he decided he liked parades.
On the fourth we built a fire, made smores, and did fireworks. Between our fireworks and the neighbors we had a great show.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Fault in Our Stars

Obviously it has been a long time since I have posted anything. In between girls camp, rugby, an extended Idaho trip, swimming lessons, and lots of little things in between the summer has quickly gone by. Eventually I will catch up on all of those fun things we did--but for now I have a book to talk about. The Fault in Our Stars was a book recommended to me by a friend. It does have some swearing and humor about sexual situations. It was a nice change of pace for me since I have devoted much of my year to light and fun books.

I started yesterday and this morning instead of mopping my floors I sat, cried, finished the book, and cried some more. It is sad. It is about a 16 year old girl who is terminally ill with cancer. So yes, it is sad. And yes, if you don't cry you are possibly heartless. However, it is a good cry and strangely enough not depressing. It is not religious, nor is it really anti-religious. Hazel, the 16 year old terminally ill girl, does not have much belief in God herself. It's one of the reasons I liked it so much. Her view of the world and death and the afterlife is different from mine, and it's nice to read about other opinions. The boy that comes into her life is Gus. He is perfect for Hazel, even when she can't see it. I loved reading it and laughed out loud more than once. It is funny and filled with humor even though it is about death and what our lives mean. Are we remembered when we die? Do we leave an impact when we're no longer here? The ending is thought provoking because life is indeed full of pain. At least at times. And none of us can really get away from death and loss. However, that's no reason not to live and enjoy life as much as we can. Hazel and Gus chose wisely for themselves.