Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Each baby is so unique and different. Of course I know that. With Lucas we had no need to put baby locks on anything. It's not that he didn't get into things, but he didn't get into things much. The most we did was get outlet covers so he wouldn't electrocute himself. So, here comes Ty and I think, 'I don't need to get child locks, just outlet covers.' Ty is like a tornado. He goes from one thing to the next. One of his favorite things is to get into my pots and pans and play with them on the little table. He puts as many as he can on the table. Invariably they start to fall off, making lots of noise. Then he starts to throw them off the table to make even more noise. (This is usually when they get put up on the counter where he can't get them.) My cupboard starts to look bare as he continues to get more and more out through out the day.

We have now put the little table in the family room so that there is not so much noise from pans falling or being thrown on the floor.

This morning I went to visit an elderly lady in our ward boundaries. She is not a member but is a sweet lady who we help when we can. Ty found her stool and proceeded to drag it around her kitchen. There was nothing he could get into, right? I look over to find him pouring a cup of coffee down his front and all over her floor! There is never a dull moment at our home when he is awake.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Pictures

Today I was going to post the wonderful family pictures we did in the canyon by the river. BUT, Lucas got the flu Friday and so there are none. It really is a bummer because we've been planning to go for months AND Stephanie was here to help us. So we'll have to go by ourselves, use a tripod and hope that Ty smiles at the camera, or even looks at the camera. Of course it's supposed to snow tomorrow and this weekend might be too cold, too late for pictures. We'll see how it goes. Lucas is doing fine now. Both him and Ty had whatever it was--threw up for a day and then woke up the next morning feeling fine. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get it. We've had flu shots but it obviously doesn't protect you from everything.