Friday, June 28, 2013

Pre-School Graduation

Ty graduated from pre-school last month and they had a little ceremony. They sang some songs, did some dancing, and got their diplomas. I think he is excited for kindergarten!

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Dad Chair

Bryan has always wanted a chair just for him. His dad always had a chair. Unfortunately when we bought our sectional it took up most the space in our family room. However, for his birthday this year we found a way to  put in a chair for him. There isn't much room! But we make it work! After we paint there should be a tiny bit more space because we'll move the couch over a little. I know he loves it and is grateful to have his comfy place to relax. For his birthday he also got some new tools from Ty and a survival knife from Lucas--because everyone needs a big ol' knife--right?

Spring and Summer Sports

 Ty finished up his first season of t-ball last night. I LOVE t-ball. It is humorous to watch four and five year old children learn to play. Plus, there is no stress, no pressure, just pure fun. Next for Ty--swimming lessons!!
Lucas has begun rugby practice and his first games will be tomorrow. He is tough (mostly) when he gets hurt. Here a kid ran up his leg and left cleat marks. Lucas didn't complain once.