Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthdays in May

 Bryan's birthday was on Memorial Day this year. He took the day off (working for an airline you get very few holidays off) and relaxed and enjoyed the day. His surprise present was a pillow pet from Ty. Yes, we got him a BYU pillow pet. He says the couch cushions are not soft enough and so this will be his 'napping on the couch' pillow.
 His big gift was an RC 10 car. He has been wanting one for years!
Lucas took out his remote controlled car and Bryan took out his. Bryan's car is FAST. We have told Lucas that if he learns to drive his REALLY well, then maybe he will get one like Bryan's in a few years.

They raced their cars, we ate a lot of food, and we ended the day with peach pie and homemade ice cream. Happy birthday Bryan!!
 Ty turned four years old on May 14th and on the 12th of May he had his first ever friend's party. It was pirate themed and Lucas helped us out by being the 'bad' pirate who stole the kids treasure.
We had a lot of fun playing games and then having a treasure hunt to find our treasure chest that Lucas stole.
 One of the games was bombing Lucas with water balloons from the upstairs window.
 Then they fought Lucas and won the treasure back.
 I love this picture of Ty! This turned out to be one of his favorite toys!
 A couple of days later on the 14th we had a little family party. We had dinner at McDonald's (Ty's choice of course) and then we went home for cake, ice cream, and presents. He got some fun new toys that he has been playing with ever since.
We love having Ty in our home and my life would be so different right now without him. He is fun and happy and full of life. He loves playing with his toys, riding his batman big wheel, and finding all my hidden treats so that he can eat them too. He is a mommy's boy and I love it. I know it won't last forever and so I'll enjoy it while I can.