Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Number 9

 Lucas turned nine years old last week! He is such a great kid and so we wanted to do something fun that he would remember. We let him invite one friend (I only do friend parties every other year) and he chose his friend Matthew. We went to the Brick Oven for dinner and he opened up his gifts after we ate. They brought him an ice cream sunday and made him stand up on his seat while they sang to him.
 The funny thing about this picture is there is one just like it from last year when he got a Colts Collie jersey.
 This year it was a BYU jersey he wanted. He likes to tell people that the number nine isn't for Jake Heaps but still for Austin Collie.
Then we all went to the first BYU basketball home game of the season. We had a great time. Things I love about Lucas are that he is very tenderhearted and loving. He tries hard to do what it right. He is a natural leader. He loves to draw. He is an excellent student, excelling in math, spelling, and reading. He can talk and talk and talk, and often I feel like I need to tell him to take a break! (I think I now know how my mom must have felt about me sometimes--he obviously gets this from me and not Bryan.) We love Lucas and that he is a part of our family! Happy birthday Lucas!!

Halloween 2011

I know this is almost a month late....but here is a little video from our Halloween. Each year Bryan adds something else to the house.