Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Cute Boys

A few weeks ago we went to the river to take some family picture. These are just a few of Lucas and Ty. One thing I love to say now when I talk about Lucas and Ty is, "The boys". I think it's just because we waited so long to have Ty and it makes me feel so good when I can say "boys" in the plural. I always smile or laugh a little. I know it sounds silly but it's the truth.
Ty is doing great. He is a good baby. He was even fairly good at Disneyland--I think he just learned that he had to sleep while being held because we weren't going back to the hotel for his naps! He is starting to hold things and suck on toys a little bit more. He also started eating rice cereal this week. He's learning and growing so fast. One of my favorite things is when he gives me a hug or kiss. He cuddles up and when I kiss him he kisses me back getting my cheek all wet. It's great!

Lucas is doing well also. He enjoys school and loves to get home and play with Ty and his friends. He is off track right now (year round school) and so he tends to get bored easily. He is such a sociable kid and I always seem to be busy!! I try to take some time out of my day to play with him. He loves to race Mario Kart against me or Bryan and he hates to lose. He is smart and lovable and a wonderful big kid.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We left for California on Sunday the 12th. Lucas had no idea where we were going and so it was fun to get there and surprise him! The first day started out rough though as you can tell from this picture. Lucas was not very happy which I didn't think would be possible at Disneyland. Ty also had a rough day. He cried a lot--I think he wanted his own bed.
But we did have lots of fun on the rides. Here is Bryan on one of the rides in California Adventure. Lucas is sitting by him but is hidden.
We got to go because Bryan was invited to speak at a conference. All we had to pay for was food and Disney passes. It was a great opportunity. Lucas loved to meet Mickey Mouse. His favorite rides were Soarin Over California and Splash Mountain. Bryan and I loved the roller coaster in California Adventure.
At Disney they have something called Jedi Training. There is a platform they have made just for this and they do shows four or five times a day. We had seen it and KNEW that Lucas would never get picked. You show up and hope they choose your child to go up (out of a ton of kids). Bryan was at the conference this day giving his speech and I decided to go by one more time since they were just starting it over again. I started to say a prayer that he would get picked and then knew I couldn't because every parent wanted their child to get picked. Instead I prayed that I would know how to comfort him when he didn't get picked--right then I hear "Kid with the striped shirt and khaki shorts come up.
He got to go through the Jedi Training which is a fun little time where they teach them to use their lightsabers, then Darth Vader and Darth Maul came out. Each of the kids gets to fight one of them and Lucas got to fight Darth Vader. It was so cool. I only wish that Bryan could have been there to see it! This was such a great opportunity for us to go and have a little family vacation. Thanks to Bryan and his great speaking abilities!! He does three or four of these every year and this year we really lucked out on where he was invited. Thanks Bryan!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Garden Corn

Ever since Bryan and I got married he has tried to grow corn in our garden. The corn has grown but we've never been able to eat it. This year, finally, it worked. We got lots of corn and it was so great to have it at dinner. Next year Bryan will plant more and hopefully he's figured out what he did right this year!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lucas' Egg

Yesterday Lucas and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Cray's for a quick visit. They have chickens and had been saving a special egg just for him. It was the very first egg one of their chickens had ever laid. It's so teeny tiny! Lucas just loved it. He had to show it to Craig and Diana when we stopped by their new place and then the first thing he did when we got home was show Bryan.
Last night for dinner we decided to have a "breakfast" dinner complete with sausage, biscuits, and EGGS! Lucas, however, wouldn't let us use his egg. He doesn't want us to eat it and he hid it in the fridge. Of course I didn't use it but it can't sit in there forever. Maybe he'll let us use it in some pancakes Saturday.