Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Each month one student per class is given the Principal's Pride Award for being an example of a certain characteristic that they discuss all that month. Lucas received the award yesterday during the assembly. The quality for this month was leadership. He got to sit in front of the school, shake the principal's hand while she gave him a certificate, and was awarded a medal.
We are so proud of him and the wonderful example he is to those around him.

He was so happy to be recognized and Bryan and I were grateful we could be there!

Lucas' Favorite Things

When calling our Grandmas and Grandpas Christmas morning Lucas told them his three favorite presents. Note the order--

1. Wide receiver gloves
2. Indianapolis colts watch
3. Ipod Touch

Yes, his number one favorite gift were wide receiver gloves, cost: $10. Number two was a last minute gift, a digital colts watch, cost: $10. The Ipod Touch was NUMBER THREE? Yes, that's Lucas.

(By the way, he does use the Ipod daily and loves it. Also, we didn't actually pay anything for it so the cost to us was zero for the Touch. And finally, it's the end of January and his gloves are already wearing out.)

Christmas Pictures 2011

Yes, I know I'm a month late but here are a few photos of our Christmas! A wonderful man in our ward was Santa this year. He did it at his home and we were able to go. Ty did not like it.
What would Christmas Eve be like without new pajamas!
Ty and his loot. The batman big wheel is currently living in our kitchen where he rides it everyday. Our kitchen is now turning into Ty's personal garage where he keeps the batman 'motorcycle', his scooter, and an umbrella stroller for a baby doll he likes to give rides to. The most annoying thing is he likes to 'park' his vehicles right in front of the stairs.